Date 19/7/2015

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) is today responding to the questions raised by the council based on the government’s six-month report.

Questions rose by the House of Representatives to the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed regarding the education sector:-

• Although the work done by the government in the past years to ensure the quality of education has been encouraging, various obstacles are still observed; among them, the publication of secondary school textbooks is a federal contribution, but it has not yet arrived.

• Infrastructural provision of electricity and internet, as well as the lack of capacity building of teachers has become a problem for the quality of education.

• It is mentioned that Woldia University is damaged due to the war and is not suitable for educational work; therefore, the question of what the government intends to solve the problem in the education sector was asked.

Honorable Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in his response, we will expand the university as per the roadmap in the last 4 years. He has been doing extensive work for three or four years saying that we will expand the quality and not automate the examination. Attempts are being made to expand KG, primary, secondary level, and expand school meals as much as possible.

Since it still requires a lot of work to bring the quality of education, we still have a lot of work to do with better teachers in books and the Internet. They responded that the beginnings are known and we will continue to strengthen them.

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